Founded in 2009, Davis PC & Networking found a niche in Northern Wisconsin, serving small businesses and home office networks. Knowing that the small business owner has better things to worry about than technology, we are here to help.

Delegate your problems to us! We specialize in technology; providing new devices, making devices work together, and fixing things that have a mind of their own. Notice we use the word "devices". Not isolated to a desktop or laptop, but virtually any technology item; desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, smartTV, wireless networks, backup devices, printers, game systems, etc.

Professionally schooled in corporate & big business servers and networks, we have real-world experience since 2003 with small business, home-business, and residential accounts.

The niche we occupy, is to provide well-rounded IT services to entities that cannot justify a dedicated IT staff, but still need computer help.

To complement services, we also utilize 5 different major vendors of IT hardware, in order to supply our customers with one-stop shopping for service, IT hardware (ranging from a USB thumb drive to corporate data centers), software, printers, and printer ink and toner.

Physically located in Northern Wisconsin, along the southwest corner of Pelican Lake, we are strategically located between the 3 larger cities of the region; Rhinelander, Crandon, and Antigo. We have a service territory of about 60 miles, with our largest concentration of customers in the Rhinelander area.

Although the business address is classified as a residential area, don't let that fool you. We don't miss the brick & mortar store very much, as we spend most of our time onsite at customer sites, not sitting in the office.

Worried that you're out of our service territory? Not to worry - That guy in New Hampshire, and gal in Nebraska, still has me help them out with remote service occasionally. Give us call, or drop a note, to inquire about further details.